Fanatical’s monthly Diamond Collection bundle is typically one of the retailer’s most notable bundle offers, and this month there are two of them. The “Reloaded Edition” of the Diamond Collection lets customers create their own bundle from a list of twelve PC games for as little as $4.60 per key.

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The Diamond Collection Reloaded Edition comes in three tiers, starting at three games for $15, then moving up to four games for $19, and five games for $23, and there are 12 games in the list of possible picks. Of note are Harvest Moon: One World and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition, two of the latest entries in Nastume’s long-running farm and life simulation series, which we haven’t seen in Fanatical bundles before.

Strategy fans also have plenty to pick from, including survival city builder Dice Legacy, RTS-RPG hybrid Undead Horde 2: Necropolis, and the 4X empire builder Interstellar Space: Genesis Complete Edition, which includes the base and the Natural Law and Evolving Empires expansions.

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