This holiday season, you’ll want to give the gift that truly matters. We’re not talking about something blasé like diamonds, but the plushiest of Pikachu dolls that’s ready for a hug. What makes this Pokemon toy so special? In addition to a winning design, this little replica of the franchise mascot is an interactive critter that’ll react to your actions with various sounds and effects. Normally $35, you catch this adorable Pikachu for $22.40 at Target and Amazon.

  • Pokemon Electric Charge Pikachu Plush (Amazon) — $22.40 ($35)
  • Pokemon Electric Charge Pikachu Plush (Target) — $22.40 ($35)

Around 10 inches tall, Pikachu has over 20 sounds and 30 unique reactions. You can press and hold its tummy to charge up a thunder attack, although thankfully, it’s not very effective so your goldfish will be safe. The longer you hold Pikachu, the more–and metaphorically–powerful its attack will be when it eventually unleashes it. You can also rub its head to hear it talk, watch its cheeks and tail light up, and generally enjoy the soft material it’s covered in.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking to get it before Christmas, Target will be the best option. The company says that it’ll have it in your hands and under your tree in a few days, while Amazon is estimating that it’ll arrive between won’t arrive until December 31. If it’s a gift for yourself and you don’t mind waiting, Amazon is good, but if it’s a surprise for the Pokemon fan in your life, you’ll want to go with Target.

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