There is literally 1,000 Koroks to discover in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but if you’re tired of that eternal scavenger hunt for the little woodland jerks, then you can find one very easily on Amazon right now. With the latest Legend of Zelda game now out, Amazon has cut the price of officially licensed plush toys from Mochi-Mochi, including this cute little Hyrule native.

  • Korok — $26.25 ($35)
  • Heart Container — $35
  • Octorok — $26.25 ($35)
  • Triforce — $26.25 ($35)
  • Zelda Shield — $26.25 ($35)

They look great on a shelf, they provide therapeutic relief when you hug them, and if you’ve got some pent-up frustration about being sent all over Hyrule to collect some nuts to help improve Link’s survival chances, then you could also roast the plush toy over an open fire. Or several of them, if your wallet allows for it. It might sound extreme, but it’s still better than the other terrible things that Tears of the Kingdom players have been doing to them since the game launched.

Where is that Korok hiding?
Where is that Korok hiding?

If you’d prefer something different, then you can check out the other adorable and incredibly huggable Zelda plushies. There’s a happy Octorok that won’t belch rubble at you, a Triforce for when you need some courage, and a Zelda shield that probably won’t be able to protect you from Bokoblins looking to inflict blunt force trauma on your skull. Still looks great though.

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