Are you feeling lucky? If you are, then maybe you want to test your good fortune in Action Mystery Bundle at Fanatical, which offers five PC games for just $5. But which games do you get? That’s a surprise, as this carefully curated collection contains games that are designed to get your pulse racing, your hands sweaty, and possibly something else related to mom’s spaghetti.

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Fanatical says that you can expect at least one game to have a rating of 70% or higher and at least 10,000+ reviews on Steam, so you hopefully won’t be disappointed with your gamble. One “legendary game” is included in every bundle, so it seems you can expect to get at least one fairly notable title.

The Action Mystery Bundle is far from the only bundle available at Fanatical right now. The retailer just launched its latest Build Your Own Play on the Go bundle, which includes an assortment of games that are playable on Steam Deck. This is a good opportunity to expand your library for cheap, as you can snag eight games for just $10. Make sure to check out the full slate of bundles at Fanatical.

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