Lego has officially unveiled its next set, a retro-themed recreation of a Pac-Man arcade cabinet that includes several innovative features. Out of the box, you can use the 2,651 included pieces to construct the arcade cabinet, Pac-Man, his eternal maze, and the iconic ghosts who are always chasing him down.

Once completed, some of the features on this set include a light brick that illuminates the–thankfully non-functional–coin slot, a crank that allows you to simulate the classic gameplay and even a removable back panel that can be used to reveal the inner mechanics. As an additional and cute bonus, you can even build a mini-arcade that comes with a mini-figure and can be stored inside of the cabinet.

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Pac-Man, Blinky, and Clyde form part of a miniature diorama that rests on top of the cabinet, showing off Bandai Namco’s favorite mascot on the run from the ghosts. Or you can do a power pellet plot twist, and transform the ghosts into their more digestible blue forms as Pac-Man starts hunting them for a change. This set will be available from June 4 on the Lego website and is priced at $270.

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