The Spring 2023 edition of Fanatical’s Diamond Collection is now available. With this build-your-own-bundle deal, you can get up to five high-rated Steam games for $23–though you can also grab a smaller three-game bundle for just $15 or a four-game option for $19 if you want to spend less.

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Customers pick from a list of 15 possible games to create their own bundle, including several highly rated titles from a wide range of genres. One of the standouts is the monster-catching RPG Coromon. If the name wasn’t obvious, this indie adventure takes cues from Pokemon, setting players off in a large, pixelated world filled with unique creatures to find, battle, and tame. There have been many creature-taming RPGs released in recent years, but Coromon is one of the best, featuring a unique battle system, large monster roster, and colorful pixel art reminiscent of the Game Boy Advance.

The Evil Within Bundle and The Evil Within 2 are also worth grabbing as part of the deal. The Evil Within Bundle includes the base game and all three DLC expansions, and if you add The Evil Within 2, you’ll have the full series playable on PC.

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