You’d think that a lifetime dedicated to mastering your mind, body, and spirit would be enough for any war on crime, but if you really want to make a difference with your bat-billions, then nothing speaks louder than a giant robot. For Cyber Monday, you can pick up this delightful Batman Gotham City Guardian playset from Walmart for just $35, a massive $64 discount.

Batman: Gotham City Guardian
Batman: Gotham City Guardian
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This is a four-in-one playset, as you get not only a Batman action figure but also the Batwing fighter jet, Batcycle, Bat-Tank, and a mobile command center. All of the vehicles and the command center can be combined into its Gotham City Guardian mode. This is a pretty big robot, roughly the size of a small child, and is equipped with dozens of LED lights and sound effects. And yes, the four-inch Batman action figure fits perfectly into the cockpit, so you can pretend that the Dark Knight is gearing up for a cameo on a Power Rangers episode or a tussle with Godzilla.

In case you don’t want your kid running around with a 30-inch tall Batman robot that can easily flatten a small dog, there are some other nice toy options available. Lego’s Black Friday sale is almost over, so before it’s too late, don’t miss out on a chance to grab a terrific set of cathartic construction blocks at their best prices. Depending on how much you spend, you’ll get multiple free gifts with your order as part of the promotion, like the Winter Market Stall (271 pieces) and Majisto’s Magical Workshop (365 pieces).

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