It’s been a rough couple of years for Titanfall 2 players, but it looks like that may be about to change. After years of minimal upkeep and no new content, the game is finally getting some much-needed TLC with the release of a new game update. As this is first major update the game has received in quite a long time, observant fans are getting the distinct sense that something is up–especially after a Titanfall Easter egg was discovered in Apex Legends patch notes that were released earlier this week.

The update itself includes fixes to matchmaking an improved server stability, making Titanfall 2 playable for the first time in years. Additionally, after eight years, Titanfall 2 private matches have been taken out of beta (which isn’t too shocking, as Apex Legends players gained access to the private match feature earlier this year). New and old game modes have been added as well, and have been rotating ever since the update went live last week. The 1v1 Coliseum mode got a similar update, with new weapons added and weapon loadouts rotating regularly once again. Changes to map geometry, fixed glitches, and remedied out-of-bounds exploits have also been addressed by the massive update, but perhaps the most interesting map feature is the addition of small Nessie plushies (Apex’s mascot) holding hammers, which have appeared in areas of the maps that were recently fixed. This may be a reference to Respawn’s recent announcement revealing devs had banned over 2,000 cheaters from Apex Legends. With Titanfall 2’s servers finally functional again, it’s possible that some players also received a whack from the banhammer.

Until last week’s update, Titanfall 2 was more or less unplayable, and has been since 2021 due to relentless DDOS attacks by frustrated players of the original Titanfall game. Respawn failed to fully stabilize the game, and many fans were frustrated to learn that Respawn had assigned only “one or two” devs to oversee the game and keep it in a playable state, especially since the DDOS attacks on Apex Legends (which started at the same time as the attacks on Titanfall 2) were resolved in under 24 hours.

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