Microsoft Office 2021 is currently on sale for only $30 through GameSpot Deals (via StackCommerce). The deal is available for both PC and Mac users. On PC, you’ll get Microsoft Office 2021 Professional, whereas Mac users will receive a key for the Home and Business edition. This price is only available today, February 28, and matches the best price offered by StackCommerce.

It’s a particularly good deal for students and those who don’t have much of a need for a consistently evolving productivity suite. These days, Microsoft Office is most commonly sold as a Microsoft 365 subscription. You’d actually spend more for one-year access to Microsoft 365 than you would by picking up Microsoft Office 2021. The best part is that once you redeem the key, the license is yours to keep.

Here’s a look at the software included with Microsoft Office 2021 Professional for Windows:

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