With files taking up more space today than ever before, it’s easy to run out of storage just a few months after buying a new PC, laptop, or gaming console. And if you’re one of the millions of folks using a laptop with a 256-512GB SSD, you’ll bump up against its limitations faster than you’d expect. However, you can solve many of these problems with the discounted WD easystore 8TB External HDD, which is currently on sale today only for just $128 (down from $170).

While the 8TB of storage space is the big selling point, WD also managed to make the easystore a pretty sleek device–featuring a minimalist black color scheme and rounded design that looks a bit like a mini PC tower. Best of all, it’s earning impressive reviews from customers, with 4.7 stars after nearly 7,000 ratings.

Of course, this isn’t an SSD, so expect it to run a bit slower than your built-in drive. But as a place to store photos, videos, or older games you don’t play frequently, it’s an enticing option. And if you (somehow) need even more space, consider checking out the 14TB model that’s also on sale.

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