In the mood for a series about a flesh-eating species trying to blend in with humanity? Then you’ll want to check out Tokyo Ghoul, specifically the manga box sets that have been heavily discounted at Amazon. Sure, the “manga was better than the anime” argument can be polarizing, but when it comes to Tokyo Ghoul, the fanbase generally considers the source material to be superior to the adaptation.

See Tokyo Ghoul box set
See Tokyo Ghoul:re box set

At Amazon, you can grab the first 14 volumes of the Tokyo Ghoul manga for $85.49 (normally $150) and all 16 volumes of Tokyo Ghoul:re for $101.40 (normally $170). The original run of Tokyo Ghoul–which centers around college human-ghoul hybrid Ken Kaneki–comes inside a striking slipcase and includes an exclusive double-sided poster. The Tokyo Ghoul:re box set also comes with an exclusive double-sided poster, and both of these editions feature the same-sized manga format that makes them easy to digest, as long as you can get used to the traditional right to left reading format of Japanese manga.

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  • Tokyo Ghoul volumes 1-14 — $85.49 ($150)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re volumes 1-16 — $101.40 ($170)

The first Tokyo Ghoul series, written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, is a terrific dark fantasy set in an alternate version of Tokyo where Ghouls secretly coexist with humans. Kaneki, who is transformed into a half-ghoul after an encounter with one of them, finds himself becoming a bridge between both societies while he deals with adversaries on both sides. Ishida’s art heightens the dark nature of this series, and just in case you were thinking of picking this up for the younger manga fans in your household, just be aware that this series regularly has violent and disturbing imagery throughout its tragic tale.

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