Towerborne is the next game from Banner Saga developer Stoic and will be published by Xbox Game Studios. Up to four players play as Aces, knights sent from the titular tower to protect it from a crisis affecting all of humanity. They will split their time between combating enemies and exploring the world around the tower, call the Belfry.

In an interview with Xbox, developers outlined some of the nitty gritty details that didn’t make it into the trailer shown at the Xbox Showcase. The game takes its inspiration from classic beat-’em-ups, imprinting them with an RPG twist. Players can customize their Ace both visually and practically, choosing their appearance, weapons, armor, and abilities. Aces will have access to four styles: War Clubs, Gauntlets, Dual Daggers, and Swords & Shields. Each style is customizable and can be played with any other style, so players theoretically won’t be locked down by the choices of their co-op partners.

Aces are immortal, or at least resilient, able to come back after death, adding a light Roguish element to the game’s gameplay and its story. Aces will discuss, and remember, their deaths. Despite that touch of darkness, this will be a more family-friendly adventure, in contrast to the dour tone of The Banner Saga. Towerborne will also be a game with continual seasonal updates; new things to do will be consistently added and will gradually reveal an overarching storyline.

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