Razer’s flagship BlackWidow gaming keyboard series moved to the next generation earlier this year with the BlackWidow V4 Pro. It’s one of the best gaming keyboards of 2023, but it has a steep asking price of $230. For anyone looking for a more budget-friendly option, Razer now has two new entries in the BlackWidow V4 line that inherit several features from their older sibling.

Both the Razer BlackWidow V4 and BlackWidow V4 X feature Razer’s Gen-3 mechanical switches, and for inputs, you’ll be able to choose between Razer’s Green Clicky Switches or Yellow Mechanical Switches. Green switches generally have louder tactile feedback, while the Yellow switches are smoother and produce less noise when you hit those keys. They sport Razer’s signature style of brushed metal and slick black finishes and come with two-year warranties. Both keyboards are available to purchase now at Amazon and directly from Razer.

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