Vanillaware consistently makes some of the most interesting and original games in the role-playing genre, and judging by early reviews, Unicorn Overlord continues that trend. The brand-new strategy RPG is set to launch tomorrow, March 8, and currently holds an 87 rating on Metacritic. If you’re looking forward to playing the new game this weekend, Unicorn Overlord preorders are still available at major retailers. Plus, longtime Vanillaware fans will likely be interested in the nostalgic preorder bonus. You can even still snag a very cool collector’s edition that includes a full tabletop card game–an appropriately novel inclusion for a collector’s edition from a studio as original as Vanillaware.

We don’t know much else about the game yet, but preorders for Unicorn Overlord’s standard edition and a massive Collector’s edition that features tons of unique merch–including a card game that adapts Unicorn Overlord into tabletop form–are already available at select retailers.

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