There’s no shortage of controller deals during Black Friday, but for anyone looking to get their hands on something more modular, the Victrix Pro BFG is a great place to start. This PS5, PS4, and PC controller is on sale right now, and while you’d normally pay $200 for one of these, you can save $20 at Amazon and grab one for $180. This version is also the Call of Duty-themed Las Almas edition, so on top of some fascinating technology, you’re also getting a fashionable piece of technology.

Victrix Pro BFG
Victrix Pro BFG
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So what makes the Victrix Pro BFG so unique when compared to a DualSense Edge, Razer’s Wolverine V2 Pro, or Nacon’s Revolution Pro? The key selling point here is complete customization, as you can easily swap in the included parts to fine-tune the controller to your desired setup. Designed for esports, it has swap-out sticks, comes with a fight pad module with six microswitch buttons, an interchangeable D-pad, analog stick caps, and analog stick gates.

Basically, this is a very good controller for anyone who specializes in first-person shooters and fighting games. The customization doesn’t stop there either, as by using a dedicated smartphone app, you can program back buttons, remap face buttons, adjust trigger dead zones, run diagnostics, remedy stick drift, and more. On top of that, this controller also has rubberized grips, adjustable trigger stops, and a long-lasting battery life so that it can go the distance.

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