Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series is one of the most celebrated fantasy series of all time. During Amazon’s Black Friday 2023 buy two, get one free sale, you can get select Wheel of Time box sets for super cheap (and get one for free, of course.

All three of the eligible box sets are discounted to $18, so you’ll wind up getting nine novels for only $36. You can then round out your collection with the second and fourth box sets for only $50. That means you can get the entire 15-book series for under $100. Alternatively, you could dip your toes into the series by grabbing the first box set and then picking up a different book, movie, or toy featured in the B2G1 free sale.

The Wheel of Time book box set deals

  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 1 — $18 ($33) | B2G1 free
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 2 — $26 ($33)
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 3 — $18 ($33) | B2G1 free
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 4 — $23.54 ($33)
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 5 — $17.59 ($32) | B2G1 free

If you’re unfamiliar with Jordan’s work, The Wheel of Time is a series of high fantasy novels that largely focus on the cyclical nature of time, the factions vying for control, and the characters caught in the crossfire of the Pattern of Ages. If you want to find out why these books are so beloved, then it’s time to pick them up. Jordan, unfortunately, passed away in 2007 before he could finish his series, but thanks to the extensive notes that he left behind, celebrated fantasy author Brandon Sanderson stepped in to complete the saga.

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