With a new season of The Wheel of Time streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video service, now is a great time to check out author Robert Jordan’s award-winning book series. In the wake of Amazon Prime Day Round 2, you can pump up your library with a rich amount of fantasy thanks to some big discounts on the premium book box sets. You can get the entire Wheel of Time series for a very reasonable price by picking up these five box sets. A few of the sets have increased in price following the end of Prime Day, but for newcomers the set containing the first three novels is still available for just $18.

The Wheel of Time book box set deals

  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 1 — $18 ($33)
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 2 — $26 ($33)
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 3 — $18 ($33)
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 4 — $23.54 ($33)
  • Wheel of Time Premium Boxed Set 5 — $17.59 ($32)

If you’re unfamiliar with Jordan’s work, The Wheel of Time is a series of high fantasy novels that largely focus on the cyclical nature of time, the factions vying for control, and the characters caught in the crossfire of the Pattern of Ages. If you want to find out why these books are so beloved, then it’s time to pick them up. Jordan, unfortunately, passed away in 2007 before he could finish his series, but thanks to the extensive notes that he left behind, celebrated fantasy author Brandon Sanderson stepped in to complete the saga.

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time

Each box set has around three books to read through, including beloved tales like The Eye of the World, a Crown of Swords, and The Gathering Storm, so get ready for a lot of reading before the dragon rides again on the winds of time.

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