In Spider-Man 2, you’ll need to visit Aunt May’s grave if you want to unlock the game’s Platinum Trophy. That seems a bit coldly juxtaposed, but to be fair, Batman Arkham did something very similar. Games have been tying somber memorials to metagame unlocks for years. If you’re seeking to unlock the You Know What To Do Trophy on PS5, here’s where you ought to look.

Spider-Man 2: Where is Aunt May’s grave?

You can find Aunt May’s grave in the cemetery located in the northwest corner of the map, located in the Harlem district as marked in the map below. Specifically, May’s grave is nearly perfectly centered in the cemetery grounds. While playing as Peter, you can head there and look for an interaction prompt, which will pop up when you get close to it. Peter will share some words for his dearly departed and you’ll earn the You Know What To Do trophy for your efforts. You can visit it as Miles too, there’s just not a Trophy for that action.

You can visit Aunt May's grave in Harlem.
You can visit Aunt May’s grave in Harlem.

It’s also not a Trophy, but you can visit Miles’ father’s grave in the same cemetery. Just a little west of May’s grave, you’ll find Jefferson Davis’ grave, and can once more remark on it as either Spider-Man. For a similarly tricky Playstation Trophy involving Miles this time, check out where to find Miles and Phin’s science trophy they won together, which is well-hidden in the Financial District.

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