World of Warcraft Classic will see its notorious PvP ranking system revamped in a coming update, as Blizzard looks to make the system “healthier.”

As it currently stands, WoW Classic recreates the game’s original PvP ranking system as it worked from 2004-2006. Players looking to climb the ranks aren’t so much battling the other faction as they are competing with like-minded players of their own faction, as they attempt to farm more Honor points than the person next to them. The game’s highest ranks are reserved for only a top percentage of players participating in the PvP system. Taking a day or (God forbid) a week off from the Honor grind means losing weeks or even months of progress and potentially being demoted in rank, incentivizing players to keep pushing and playing at all cost.

It’s an infamously grindy system, one that encourages players to play for over a dozen hours a day for months on end to achieve the game’s highest ranks. Those higher ranks are required to unlock exclusive titles and purchase some of WoW Classic’s best weapons and armor. Those who accomplish the feat are seen as local legends on their servers, mostly because the process of becoming Grand Marshal or High Warlord is like working a full-time job and is not for the faint of heart.

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