If you’re worried about wearing out your Joy-Cons playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom over the next couple months, never fear. Hori has you covered with this gorgeous Tears of Kingdom-themed edition of its excellent Split Pad Pro , which costs $60 and releases August 31 (though that could be a placeholder date). Preorders are sold out at this time, but we imagine it’ll be available to order again.

Hori Split Pad Pro - Tears of the Kingdom edition
Hori Split Pad Pro – Tears of the Kingdom edition
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The Hori Split Pad Pro is GameSpot’s current pick for best Switch controller for handheld-focused players, and for good reason: it gives you a full-sized, ergonomic controller experience in handheld mode. The buttons, the sticks, triggers, and D-pad are all much larger on the Split Pad Pro than they are on the stock Joy-Cons. So considering how cramped the standard Joy-Cons are, especially if you’ve got big hands, the ergonomics of the Split Pad Pro are a big relief.

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