The Hori Split Pad Pro is one of our favorite ways to play Switch in handheld mode, offering ergonomic grips, responsive buttons, a conventional D-pad, and full-sized analog sticks for added comfort. The Joy-Con replacement recently received a makeover to celebrate The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and right now you can snag the gorgeous officially licensed controller for just $50 (down from $60). That’s its lowest price ever, so consider giving it a look if you’re searching for a last-minute holiday gift, as Amazon is advertising orders will arrive before Christmas.

Of course, this version features a sleek Tears of the Kingdom paint job, with Link perched high up on a Sky Island on the right side of the controller and the left side featuring a sleek black and gold design with Zelda iconography emblazed throughout.

Our Split Pad Pro review found the controllers to be a great upgrade over the Joy-Con and an easy recommendation for handheld players.

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